Commercial Debt Collection Services in Florida

Stop struggling with unpaid invoices and overdue payments with Rolfe & Lobello, P.A. Since 1973, we have been the premier law firm offering commercial debt collection services in Florida. Our attorneys have assisted many financial institutions and other businesses with all aspects of the collection process. With our knowledge and expertise, we ensure that our clients’ interests and rights are protected and that they reach the best possible outcome.

Knowing When You Need Legal Assistance

Alleviate the stress and frustration associated with debt collection through our services. If your business is experiencing any of the following, it might be best to contact us for assistance:

  • Persistent unpaid invoices and overdue payments. 
  • Customers or clients ignoring payment requests.
  • Consistent delays in accounts receivable.
  • A high volume of outstanding debts affects your cash flow.

Understanding Collection Lawyers

Debt collection involves the pursuit of unpaid, collected invoices of consumers or businesses requiring professional assistance. Our attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of state and federal law related to debt collection practices, allowing them to negotiate with debtors, draft and send formal demand letters, and initiate lawsuits if amicable resolutions cannot be achieved. With our in-depth expertise, our collection law firm assists businesses and ensures that owed documents are recovered efficiently and in compliance with legal standards.