Debt Collection Attorneys in Florida

Rolfe & Lobello, P.A. employs debt collection attorneys in Florida specializing in consumer and commercial collections, foreclosures, closings, and bankruptcy services. Our legal team performs extensive creditor bankruptcy work and is highly trained in commercial and consumer litigation. We also represent financial institutions, state and federally chartered credit unions, and businesses.

Our Attorneys

Lawrence C. Rolfe

Thomas Lobello, III

Amanda Rolfe

Jessica Hoffman

Reasons to Choose Our Attorneys

You have three options for collecting money owed: handling it internally, hiring a collections agency, and hiring an attorney. The main advantage of working with our consumer and commercial collections attorneys is that we ensure all your legal requirements will be met.

We are also updated on the latest legislation and best practices for efficiently retrieving the money you are owed. Rolfe & Lobello, P.A. serves as your collector and legal counsel in one, sparing you the hassle of paying a mediator.

In addition, we are knowledgeable about various consumer and commercial debt collection options. We handle full payment and settlement matters, negotiate mediations, provide legal representation during litigation, and enforce civil judgments, including liens and garnishments.

Lastly, debtors respond more promptly to debt collection attorneys than collectors. Calls and letters from our collections law firm carry additional weight, often leading to more expedient results.

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